Instagram has retired their existing APIs all technology partners. This change was in response to the Cambridge Analytica events and Facebook’s resulting initiative to better protect user information. These changes are impacting the entire industry, and they are currently preventing TapInfluence from verifying Instagram posts and collecting Instagram analytics. 

What does this mean? 

  • TapInfluence cannot pull any Instagram analytics for any Instagram posts.  The team is working diligently to build Instagram analytics using the new Instagram API.
  • All influencers will need to upgrade to an Instagram Business Profile immediately. This is because the new Instagram API only supports Instagram Business Profiles.  We are sending messages directly to our influencers to guide and support them through this process. 
  • Influencers can’t currently verify Instagram posts in Tap.  We are working on a short term fix for this that would allow influencers to verify their urls.  This would allow marketers to receive those urls in the platform and it would also trigger payment and campaign completion for influencers.  However, analytics will not populate until we have built support for the new Instagram API.  

If you have further questions, concerns, or issues please reach out to your Strategic Account Manager. If you have influencers with questions, please direct them to

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