Brands may require that you share a draft of your blog post for review prior to posting on your blog. If a draft of your post is required, the brand will indicate this before you accept your opportunity. You will be able to find the details in the overview section of your opportunity invitation. 

Below the overview of the opportunity is the editorial calendar where you will select your publish date and then view the assigned draft by date.

Draft by dates can be given in one of two ways: 

1.Hard draft by date. This means that regardless of the date you select to publish, you will have to have your draft ready by the specified date. The specified date is displayed next to the overview of the opportunity.

2.Flexible draft by date. In this case, the brand will ask for your draft "X" number of days before your publish date. So as you look to pick your publish date, you'll notice that the draft by date will change and is always due the same number of days before your publish date.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Do not publish any content until your draft has been approved.  If you have any questions, please email your program contact to verify before posting.

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