VERY IMPORTANT: You must receive authorization from your program contact before posting any content with a draft requirement. If you are unsure if your draft has been approved by the time of your posting date, PLEASE verify first with your program contact.


A frequent question that TapSupport has been receiving revolves around difficulties uploading images for draft and post submission.  Read this article for means to help while we patch this bug.

Many marketers will treat your draft submission as your final product.  As such, it is critical that you include imagery that you intend to post as well.  Below I will explain the two primary ways to successfully complete this.


If you're working on composing an assignment, you'll see two different screens displayed depending on whether you have "Our Editor" or "Your Blog Dashboard" selected.  

For example, this is "Our Editor":

and "Your Blog Dashboard":

If you are creating your draft inside of "Our Editor", you can select the "Insert Image" button to add photos to the post.  

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 5 MB file size restriction.  If you attempt to upload an image greater than 5 MB you will receive an error:


There is a recognized bug occurring as of 2 November regarding the usability of this feature.  Please review this article until we have this issue patched. 


Often a faster solution to creating drafts with detailed imagery is to host it on your site and submit the draft through the "Your Blog Dashboard" option.  This will allow you to upload images greater than 5 MB, since the images will be hosted on your server.  

To do this, create the content on your blog then:

1. Select "Your Blog Dashboard" 

2. Copy the full HTML from your site and paste it into the space below 4.
3. Click the "Submit Draft" button.  

You will then receive a pop-up that confirms your draft was sent. 

PLEASE NOTE: You can make changes and resubmit your draft.  However, the TapInfluence system will only store your most recent submission.  This means that when you select, Submit Draft, it will override your previous draft submission.  

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