If you are attempting to verify a Social Network Post for an assignment and you receive the following error:

Then the issue could have a few underlying causes. The three main causes are listed below. If you have verified that none of the following issues are present, then we recommend you open a support ticket with us by emailing support@tapinfluence.com

  • The link you are attempting to verify is invalid
  • The link is to a post that is not public
  • The link does not link to the Social Media Account linked with your Tap Profile
  • Your Social Media account is no longer authenticated with the platform

If your social media account is no longer authenticated with the platform, you may re-authenticate it by navigating to your Media Kit and clicking the "Edit" button within the Networks box. (Networks box pictured below)

On the page that appears, select the network that matches the link that will not verify and re-sign into your Social Media account.

After doing this you should be able to verify your Social Share! Note: These are the same steps to solve the issue of the incorrect account being associated with your Tap Profile.

If this solution does not fix the problem, feel free to submit a support ticket by emailing support@tapinfluence.com.

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