What is a pixel?

A piece of code installed on your blog that loads each time someone visits the site. The data is then sent back to the provider of the code. 

Some data that a pixel can provide includes visitor demographics, how long the visitor was on your blog, and what items they clicked on.  

Why is TapInfluence using a pixel on my blog?

Long story short, we are verifying content and site traffic back to the brands who you work with on sponsored campaigns. 

Here's the long answer, we are using this data to provide better insight to brands about Influencer Marketing.
 - We want to show brands how an influencer's audience reacts to the content - the same way you see likes and comments on Instagram.
 - This information allows the brand to better understand the ROI (Return of Investment) on Influencer Marketing if they are able to see how an influencer's audience interacts with the content. 

#1 Is the TapInfluence Pixel optional? 

The TapInfluence Pixel is strongly encouraged but it is optional. You do not have to install the pixel and you will not be removed from the marketplace if you do not have it. However, having it will increase the likelihood of being discovered in our marketplace and offered opportunities from brands because we will have accurate information of your blog's monthly unique views.

#2 Will the pixel affect my site speed? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT. This pixel will not affect site speed whatsoever. Our team of engineers has looked into this question extensively and determined that the pixel has no impact on site speed, affiliate links, Google rankings, or anything along those lines. We respect your blog performance and would not release this without thorough research.

#3 Will my private information be shared with marketers or anyone else?

NO. We will be able to access your blog data, but we will only ever share the specific information for a post with the brand that commissioned it. We are deeply cognizant of the need for privacy and all your proprietary information will always be secure. 

#5 Can I still get campaigns if I don't install the pixel? 

Yes, you will still be eligible for TapInfluence campaigns if you do not install the pixel. The pixel allows us to have more accurate data from you and helps to analyze trends in your content. 

#6 Why should I install this pixel? 

Our pixel will allow us to have more accurate performance data than Google Analytics. That means that brands will get to see how well you have performed on a campaign, providing them with meaningful ROI. This pixel also allows us to improve our search functionality so that brands can find influencers who are more aligned with what they want.

#7 I still don't feel comfortable and I don't want to install your pixel?

That is perfectly fine. This is optional and we fully respect your choice either way.
Please fill out our survey to better understand your anxieties and build features you’d be happy to use. 

Thank you for all your work with TapInfluence. We look forward to connecting you with more sponsored content opportunities. 

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