You've been selected by a brand for an assignment, so what are the next steps?

Step 1: Email Invitation

You'll receive an email from TapInfluence, which will contain the details of the program and clicks through to your account, where you can accept or decline the opportunity.  

Please Note: To ensure you successfully receive these emails, be sure to add to your contact list.

Step 2: Accept the Assignment

Click "Accept or Decline" from the email.  That will take you to your TapInfluence account where you can view your program requirements again, along with offered compensation.

Need to Negotiate Your Rate?

If you need to negotiate your rate, it’s best to do that from with the platform. Simply select “Decline” and you’ll be asked why you are declining. Select “Rate Isn’t Correct” and enter the rate you would like.  

Additional Questions about Negotiating Your Rate?  This article will help.

Step 3: Select Your Post Dates

Select your post date from the available dates on the editorial calendar—available dates are displayed in green. Additionally if the assignment is for multiple post dates, you will need to select individual post dates for every post.

Once you've selected your date, hit the accept button. If your post requires a draft to be viewed, you'll see two dates displayed.

Step 4: Compose Your Post

Ready to compose your post? Just hit compose from within the platform to get started. Need more time? You have until your due date to compose and publish.

If enabled by the marketer, you may receive an email from Tap with your due date, and you'll get a reminder email before your due date.

When you are ready to publish, the assignment overview and all your requirements and resources are available directly in the assignment.

You can choose to compose your post in our editor on the platform or in your own blog dashboard. Check out this video that will walk you through the steps to compose your post on your blog.

If you chose to compose within our editor, you can enter your title, content and photos directly in the platform. Once you have finished, click "Generate Embed Code."

Or if using Your Blog Dashboard:

Step 5: Publish and Verify

Whether you've composed your post via the TapInfluence editor or your own blog dashboard, you must add the embed code to your post and verify your URLs.

Once you have entered your URL the Verify button will become selectable.  If completed successfully, you'll receive the following message:

Please Note: While attempting to verify your post, if you receive the error, "We could not find the generated embed code in your post. Did you generate embed code?" please verify that you have added the embed code.  

If you have and are still receiving the error, please contact, as your assignment will not show as complete until this step is accomplished.

Step 6: Add Your Social Shares

Once you have verified your post URL, you can copy and paste in the links to your social shares. It’s important to verify your post and add your social share links so that the client can properly track the performance and engagement of your wonderful content.

Please Note: If you have any difficulty verifying your Social Shares, this article addresses some of the most common difficulties.  

If you are still unable to verify the post, please contact


Congratulations! You've completed your post!

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