1. Show Who You Are: One of the most valuable aspects of influencer marketing is its ability to relate to and resonate with people. To take full advantage of this, brands will look for influencers who closely resemble the consumer group that they are trying to reach. So, if you have children, own a house, live in a suburban area or cook for people with special dietary needs, mention it!
  2. Carve out a Niche, and Embrace It: It’s easy to think that the best way to resonate with more people is to do a little bit of everything. However, that’s not always true. So, if you’re primarily a lifestyle influencer who once wrote a post about buying a new car, you probably shouldn’t tout yourself as an automotive influencer.
  3. Be Active on All Channels: If you have multiple social media channels, actively leverage them all and use them to support your central content. If you write a blog post, share it on Twitter and Facebook. If you create a video, drive traffic to it from your other social media sites. Each social media platform offers its own benefits, and utilizing them all will help your overall influence.
  4. Show Examples of Your Work: Your creativity deserves to be showcased. Whenever you create a blog post or shoot a photo or video that you’re particularly proud of, consider adding it to a gallery page on your website. As a member of TapInfluence’s marketplace, you can link exceptional pieces of content into the “Content” section of your Media Kit. Brands like to have as much information as possible when considering influencers for campaigns, so make it easy for them to find your best work.
  5. Know Who Your Followers Are: For a brand considering an influencer for a campaign, it’s enormously important to know something about that influencer’s audience. For example, if you’re a 35-year-old beauty blogger, but most of your readers are teenage girls…that’s an important distinction for a brand to be able to make. If you don’t know much about your followers, find out. Invite them to introduce themselves in comments, or maybe post a short survey on your site. Your fans will appreciate your interest in them, and brands will take note of your savvy approach.
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