If you have already created an account with TapInfluence, you can log into the platform through the following URL: https://influencers.tapinfluence.com/sign_in. Need to create an account instead?  Check out this article.

If you follow the link to Sign In, you will be brought to the following page:

From here, you will have four options to Sign In:

1. Sign In with Facebook
2. Sign In with Twitter
3. Sign In with Google+
4. Email and Password Combination. 

Chose the option that works for you, authenticate and you'll be brought to your Profile page.


Please Note: We recommend that you use the same Social Network that you used to Sign Up with TapInfluence, or your email and password combination.  

If you attempt to Sign In using a different Social Network and are brought to the following page, please do not create a new profile.  You should be able to sign in if you return to the previous page and sign in using your email and password combination.

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