Congratulations, you've decided to join TapInfluence and are ready to create your profile. This article will walk you through the first three steps and can be used as a gateway to Logging In again.  

SIGN UP: Go to the Sign Up page and select the Social Network of your preference (Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus).  

Depending on the Social Network that you select, you will be redirected to a different authentication page.  Once you've authenticated, you'll be redirected to the first page where you can connect the remainder of your Social networks.

Please Note: If you select Facebook, you will first connect your Personal Account and then can adjust this to your Business' Page at a later step.  Here's the article that shows how.


STEP 1: Connect Your Social Networks

Now that you've authenticated you should be brought to the following page:

You will most likely also receive an in platform message that lists useful links and means to improve your visibility.

You can select each, or none, of the other social networks to connect. As you add more networks you'll start to see your Estimated Monthly Earnings Potential increase right along with your profile strength. 

Questions about how we calculate your estimated monthly earnings?  Or what your profile strength means and how to increase it.

Once you're done adding your Social Networks, click Next.

STEP 2: Topics & Rates

As you navigate to the next screen, you'll be presented with the following:

On this page, you must select your Primary Topics and Subtopics.  This should be a clear indicator of what your content is about, so please avoid treating it as a wishlist. 

Additionally you must also set your rate.  This is what marketers and brands will see when they're searching for your profile.  We provide a suggested rate to get you started, but feel free increase or decrease this as desired.

You might also read this article: What Is The 'Suggested Post Rate'? How Do I Set My Rate?

 STEP 3: Profile

The last section in the process is the Profile page, please fill each field out to the best of your ability:

Please Note: Your Email address is unique to this account.  If you encounter an error, or have already established an account using this email address, you will be required to use a different email address.  If this is an error, please email so we can resolve the issue.

Additionally the information you provide in this section will be used by marketers to locate your profile among the thousands of others we already have on the platform, so the more complete it is the better!

 Once you select Finished, you will be brought to Your Profile page.  We recommend reading these articles for more information about each section:

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