Third party code—often referred to as pixels or embed code—is code that has been added by the marketer that will be placed in the footer of all blog posts for an Assignment. 

Why is third party code used?

Marketers use third party code to integrate marketing efforts and tracking with your posts. The most common use cases for adding third party code are:

  • Retargeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Tracking offline sales
  • Making content, for example recipes, "shoppable"

How do I know if an Assignment has third party code?

If you use our editor to compose your posts, you will be notified when you the embed code to copy and paste.

If you use your blog's editor, you will be notified when you receive the tracking pixel and comment widget to paste into HTML.

What do I need to do if an Assignment contains third party code?

If an Assignment contains third party code, always ensure your published post appears correctly. TapInfluence does not control third party code; please contact your Program Contact for any questions or concerns about third party code.  

Please note that pixel use is allowed only on self-hosted sites, not sites; if your blog is hosted, third party code or pixels you have added may be stripped out.

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