What is a “featured image”?

A featured image is the image you select to best represent the blog post you just wrote for your brand assignment. Think of it as a visual ‘credit’ for your content. This image is seen by brands when they review your post and could be reused in their digital assets, so be sure to select a photo you are proud of. Below are examples of how your featured image could be used once you’ve uploaded it to your blog post assignment, and the steps for adding a featured image.

Where will my featured image be displayed?

Here are the different ways in which your featured image could be used and displayed:

1.Brands see your featured image when they check in on the progress of the campaign, to read your published post, or when compiling reports.  

2.When you share your completed post to Facebook and Twitter, your featured image is automatically pulled into your message. If you would like to customize your image for Facebook or Twitter, you can select a new image before you share.  

3.Brands may showcase your content, including your featured image, on their digital assets. This could include a microsite specifically for the sweepstakes you are promoting, or a site the showcases recipes created by you and others, or in an ad unit running across their different properties. Note – through our API, brands can pull your content into their assets, such as ad units via PointRoll. 

How do I add a featured image?

Once you are done composing your blog post content, whether a draft for review by the brand or the final published version, it’s time to add your featured image. Note: you can add one of the same images you have in your post, you just need to upload it again to the specific featured image section.

To add your image, click on “Upload Featured Image” section. You can then pick a file from your computer to upload. File specifications are: max size of 5MB, and file type of jpg, jpeg, gif, or png.

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