Get Real-Time Insights

Inside your Media Kit, we show you your own Cost Per Engagement (CPE) metrics, which help you understand how your CPE across assignments compare to others like you. That means you get a clear picture of whether you’re undervaluing your work, asking a premium or have your rate set just right to maximize the number of opportunities you receive.

What is CPE? CPE is a real-time calculation that considers everything that is part of your engagement analytics—clicks to brand URLs, comments, likes, repins, retweets and more—to bring you one clear, easy to use number. As you complete more assignments, your CPE is continually updated, giving you the most up to date information available to inform your rate decisions.

What if I haven't completed an assignment yet? Before your first assignment, we factor in your rate and audience numbers to set your initial CPE. Once you complete your first assignment, you'll see your CPE update as your engagement changes.

Enjoy Transparency & Choice

Your influence is your livelihood. Now, we help you harness it, by giving you all the information you need to understand it better.

How do I change CPE? With Influencer Performance, you can now see and control how competitive your CPE is compared to that of your peers. Looking for more opportunities? Make sure your rate is low enough to put your CPE in the highest value range. Comfortable with fewer assignments, at a higher rate? It’s your call—you see your CPE in real-time and have all the information required to set a rate that meets your needs.

Optimize Your Earnings with Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

Setting your rate is one of the most critical pieces of creating a profile that works for you. How do you know the magic number? Are you selling yourself short, or is your rate preventing you from additional opportunities?

No one approach is right for everyone, and no single piece of data tells you what the right rate is for your unique situation. That’s why we give you the full picture. With Influencer Performance, we make it simple to see how you compare to other influencers. You see what marketers see, leading to a shared set of expectations and a smooth collaboration between influencers and marketers.

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