Working with brands can be very rewarding for influencers, though going it alone can be tough. From a payment and accounting standpoint, each brand acts like a separate employer or client, and the more brands with which you work, the more the headaches of keeping them straight multiply.

That’s one of the biggest benefits from being part of our marketplace. The marketplace fees marketers pay when activating influencers for their programs make working with multiple brands a breeze. Our marketplace makes sure you:

Reduce Risk with Simple, Standard Disclosures

TapInfluence influencer marketing automation platform makes making sure your disclosures are always compliant and simple, no matter how many brands engage you.

Always Receive Swift, Accurate Payment

Since TapInfluence tracks the status of all assignments, you get paid accurately and quickly, every time. We know you depend on rapid payment, and we take your experience so seriously that we often pay you even before we’ve received payment from brands.

And because we’ve chosen PayPal for influencer payments, you’ll never be waiting for a check. With your PayPal account, you can select your method for receiving payments, and easily keep track of your payment history, too.

Avoid Accounting Nightmares

Providing W-9s to and receiving individual 1099s from every brand with which you work takes valuable time and doesn’t add to your bottom line. We help influencers avoid accounting overhead, while making sure they’re in the clear each tax season. Because all payments are processed through PayPal, PayPal handles reporting of payments, and you receive one streamlined 1099-K from PayPal, per IRS instructions.

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