It's okay to say "no."

Though it may seem counterintuitive, choosing to "Decline" an Opportunity that does not match your Requested Rate is often the fastest and easiest way to negotiate the rate you want for that Opportunity. Here's why:

  • When you "Decline" an Opportunity, you specify to Marketers the rate you would expect for the Assignment, making communication clear and effective
  • Quickly declining and proposing a new rate lets Marketers know you're interested and helps them understand how you can work together
  • Avoiding emails outside the platform for rate negotiations assures your important rate-related messages never get lost in someone's inbox

Negotiate in Seconds

Letting Marketers know you are interested in the assignment by negotiating a new rate takes just seconds:

  1. Decline the Assignment
  2. Select "The Rate Isn't Correct"
  3. Enter the rate for which you would accept the Assignment



What happens next?

Once Marketers receive your response, they can "Accept" your proposed rate. If they do, you will receive a new invitation for your expected rate that you must then "Accept" to join the Assignment.

When Marketers "Accept" the new rate, they agree to a new Total that includes both your rate and any marketplace fees.

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