Follow the steps below to submit a social draft. Keep in mind that not every assignment requires a draft.

Note: If you need to submit a blog draft please click the link for more instructions. 

Submit Your Social Share for Review


2. Click the little globe icon and select the social channel you are uploading a draft for

3. Enter the content piece of your social draft in the section that says "Choose a network..."

4. If you have a photo to add, click the "Add Photo" button and upload any photos. If you have more than one photo, click "Add Photo" again. 

5. Whenever you are done, please click "Send Draft" 

Confirm Your Assignment Status

To see if your social draft has been added successfully, you can always check your "Assignment Status" column on the "Assignments" tab, under the "Marketplace" header. 

The 3 statuses are: 

  1. New (incomplete)
  2. Draft (draft successfully submitted)
  3. Published (complete and payment on the way)

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