It's vital to keep your rates as updated and accurate as possible. You can update your rates at any time. 

How to Update your Assignment Rates: 

  1. Log in to your account:
  2. Click the "Media Kit" tab

3. Scroll past "About your site" and "Connected networks" until you get to the "Interests" section

4. In the "Interests" section, find the "Rates" sub-section to check your current rates
5. Then, click the "Edit" button near "Interests" 

6. In the "Rates" section, click into the white box section and adjust the rate for how much you would charge for: 

  • Blog post with accompanying social shares (realistic pricing for a post on your blog and 1-3 social posts promoting that post on your social channels)
  • Social shares (realistic pricing for 1-3 social shares)
  • Video rate (realistic pricing for an original video on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram)

7. Add in your rate with just the amount (no $ required) and then click "Save Changes"

Still have questions or run into any unexpected issues? Reach out to or open a new live chat by clicking the button at the bottom right of the platform. 

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